Brett Dorron’s unique approach to photography will deliver powerful results for your business. Dorron is a master of light and composition. Clients value his attention to detail and his ability to make their ideas come to life. Delivering beyond the obvious Dorron delivers images that are fresh, strong and unique.

Photography that Tells A Story

Brett Dorron’s photography is creative and runs deep with meaning and detail. Always mindful of connecting with the audience he is able to clarify and refine the story that his clients want told through his photographs.


“Evergreen was catapulted above its competitors by Brett’s photography. We operate in a very competitive market and his images keep us at the top. Without doubt, Brett’s images sell our work.”

Fi Walten


“Brett is easily one of my favorite photographers to work with, he has such a gentle way of working that puts you straight at ease and makes the experience truly enjoyable. Both his creative visions and final outcomes are always outstanding, he has a true deep feel for his work and is able to really connect to model and the project with heart and with talent. One of the best you will find Thank you for sharing your gift with the world 🙂 Avalon”

Avalon Isle

“Brett is very thoughtful and considerate of his models, very passionate about what he does, and overall a genuine person and professional.”

Sylph Sia
Brett Dorron

Brett Dorron


A photographer’s most important task is to find the exotic in the mundane and the everyday. It is far too easy to pick up a camera when you travel or when you see something out of the ordinary. Everyone does that. A great photographer can bring dull to life and show you the familiar in a whole new light.

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