I began working on major archival additions to the online galleries recently and have been busily digitising and processing existing folios of published works which will showcase sections of my history in news, editorial, sport, advertising and commercial photography. They’ll be added and updated gradually as I have time.


I thought I’d start you off with this series form a bushfire that reached, and eventually breached, Thabeban Rd Bundaberg. Many houses and businesses were at risk at the time, with the fire fighters battling fires right up to, and sometimes within, the fence lines of properties. I actually came across the fire quite by accident on my way home from the late shift at the news-paper. I noticed a 30 cm long ember still aflame floating across the road less than 100 metres from my home and turned to investigate where it had come from. That’s when I noticed the giant red glow a couple of city blocks  from home. Off I went to investigate and here is a snippet of what was published.



I felt like throwing this one up as well because I’ve always like this picture. In fact, I’ve always loved portraiture. Men – women – children – it doesn’t matter – I just love photographing people in a good light.