On Photography:

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My interest in photography was first stirred by a school project, at the age of ten. Back then, and because of the perceived expense of the B&W film and processing, my parents quickly quashed the initial interest. But it wasn’t till my mid twenties, while inadvertently studying for an Associate Diploma in Applied Photography, that I realised the attraction photography could hold for me. It was not an end of anything, but the start of everything.

I worked as a Press photographer, both contract (in the 80’s), and staff (in the 90’s). The tremendous diversity of a background in Press, gave me the confidence to tackle anything from portrait and wedding, to commercial and advertising, etc. I’ve worked for other’s studios, operated my own, and worked as a television cameraman.

For now, and for the foreseeable future, my personal work is shot exclusively on film. It is often predominately shot on black and white, but some colour, and mostly medium-format Hasselblad.

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I share a (by appointment only) studio, located in the heart of Fremantle (Western Australia), with two other local photographers.

These days, and more than ever, my interests are in others. I get bored when my subjects don’t move to their own will. I like people! I have many Fine-art projects, and creative ideas in mind, for which I am regularly sourcing models.

On the Nude:

We are all equals in the nude …
The attraction to the art nude, for me, is more about the removal of meaning than it is about

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any established semiotics of the nude. It’s about control … the control of meaning. These images, to me, are about the paring down, or removal of the meanings of the clothes. To clear the canvas, so to speak. A nude can be imbued with gender – or not. It can signify race – or not, but unadorned, in our basic form, we are all equals in the nude. No culture or wealth. No status, occupation, or education. A blank canvas, that basic form, pared down to the individual person. To me that is exciting. A starting point, a simplicity, a purity … from which I can add meaning, like colour to a canvas, to construct narratives of beauty.

I want my works to act as kind of visual cues. Thought starters. To me, they represent the questions, not the answers. I want them to trigger emotional or psychological responses.

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Brett Dorron
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