Exhibition – Unadorned

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Exhibition of Fine Art Nude Photography

Brett Dorron’s photographic exhibit “Unadorned” is not only an aesthetic delight, with beautiful and strikingly original photographs of the nude body, but it traces the poignant story of one woman tormented by the desire to have the perfect body.

When she answered an ad for a photographer’s model Nik was scheduled for breast enlargement surgery in 9 weeks. After a series of sessions with Brett, she gradually began to see herself as beautiful just the way she was. The photographic experience was transformative; the surgery cancelled.

[singlepic=214,240,200,,right]The exhibit at 133 High Street, tells the story in her own words, accompanied by extraordinarily sensitive, powerful and creative images of her journey, taken by Brett over a period of 3 years.
In conjunction with FotoFreo, open 11am-4pm, Monday through Friday, April 6-12, at Brett’s studio Up On High. 133 High St, (between Dymocks and House), Fremantle.

Guests Comments:


I haven’t witnessed a finer hanging of fine art photography in my time pursuing this art-form as I did in Brett’s studio. His collection of images are so strong, so profound and so moving. Well done on one of the most captivating exhibitions I’ve seen yet at the festival!
[Scott Trenorden]


Beautiful personal narrative of self discovery through body image. I particularly liked the metaphor of pregnancy and earth breaking open to new life.

Exhibition Venue:

Up On High (Brett’s studio)
First Floor, 133 High St Fremantle
(Stairs between House and Dymocks)
Dates: April 6 to April 12
Times: 11am to 4pm daily

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