For those that may not know, I’m a member of the Foto Freo 2010 Workshops Committee and will also be officially conducting a workshop of my own during the festival. This workshop, titled “Figuratively Speaking”, is detailed below and will be held on the evening of Thursday April 8 2010. Full details and bookings of this and other workshops will be available form the website very soon. There are some great workshops planned, so keep your eye out and plan to be in Perth during April 2010.
      Figuratively Speaking – The fine art of the nude
      Brett Dorron
      3 Hrs
      Thursday April 8 2010, 6.30 – 9.30 PM
Course description:
      In this exclusive art nude photography workshop, Brett will openly share a number of his most valuable and intimate approaches to photographing and working with nude figures in and out of the studio. Learn how to light, pose and communicate with your models, and to put them at ease. Then take the opportunity to practice these techniques photographing a nude in the studio under Brett’s creative direction.
Topics covered include:

  • Basic principles of photographing male and female nude bodies
  • Pre-production & conceptual stage of photographing nude figures
  • Elements of beauty in nude photographs
  • Studio lighting techniques for nude photography
  • Creative states and managing creativity in a technical environment
  • What to do, where to look, and overcoming inherent problems
  • Sourcing and preparing models


      Brett’s interest in photography was first stirred by a school project at the age of ten, but it wasn’t til his mid twenties while inadvertently studying for an Associate Diploma in Applied Photography, that he realised the attraction photography could hold for him.
      He got a start working as a Press photographer in the 80’s and 90’s before moving fulltime into portrait, wedding, commercial and advertising photography. Brett says “Doing Press work and weddings, you develop skills to handle situations rapidly and get the reactions you want from people. Now, I want to work with a few people over time, to establish a deeper, more legitimate exchange.”

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