This is me!

A Self Portrait

Self Portraits

Well, some self-portraits, and a little help from some friends.

Looking back on life, you are often able to identify key points of transition, or influence, that effect a change in your consciousness. Things that aren’t always necessarily evident at the time. One seemingly strange one for me, was looking back on my teen years through my old photo albums, from a photographer’s perspective. It one day became apparent to me that, at that age, I had been the “documenter” amongst several of my groups of friends. Many of my friends photo albums from that time will contain photographs of them and their antics, as taken by me, but my own photo albums and collections, are almost entirely through my eyes. I am all but non-existent within them. As if I myself did not exist or interact. Like I just passed through as a passive watcher, recording events, without participation. They are full of photographs of other people’s exploits and hurdles. Other’s possessions and conquests. Their high-jinks and revelry.

The group of images below may seem somewhat self indulgent, and I guess in some ways they are, but I felt the need to make some restitution for past omissions. If I am to document my world, it needs to contain a record of myself.

Here I am. This is me!

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