I am very proud to announce my involvement with Jade Stott and Jeremy Hall in The Camera Recycle Project. I’ll be an instructor in the youth workshop program which officially kicks off this week.

What is The Camera Recycle Project?

The Camera Recycle Project – Giving young West Australians tools for creative expression.

The project aims to collect donations of old or unused cameras and other photographic equipment from the community and make them available to disadvantaged youth in the form of a “technology library”.

Another Camera Recycle poster (work in progress) Camera Recycle poster


  1. To provide access to cameras and other technology for creative expression;
  2. To increase community awareness of the “digital divide” – unequal access to technology based on SES status, youth homelessness, and youth issues in general
  3. To engage youth in the Perth photographic community;
  4. To teach photographic, editing, and computing skills to participants in workshops led by a professional photographer/teacher (in conjunction with the launch of each library);
  5. To provide information on photography and associated opportunities (i.e. as a creative outlet, advertising, exhibition information, career and education options);

The Camera Recycle Project is proudly supported by Propel Youth Arts WA, and Healthway to promote the “Drug Aware” message and the workshops are run through Joondalup Youth Support Services’ (JYSS) COMET program (an alernative Year 10 program for youth who have left school and/or home).

Read more about COMET and JYSS here: http://www.jyss.org.au/

Public exhibition of their photographic work will be organised and held by the COMET youth at Edith Cowan University Joondalup’s Art Gallery on Tuesday 8th December 2009.
This coincides with their graduation.




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