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Griselda Pollock (1988) wrote:

“Phenomenological space is not orchestrated for sight alone but by means of visual cues refers to other sensations and relations of bodies and objects in a lived world. As experiential space this kind of representation becomes susceptible to different ideological, historical as well as purely contingent, subjective inflections.” (p. 65)

img1076260900I suggest that Nature (even potted) in an open public space, not only beautifies and softens, but can be used to infer a secluded private courtyard. Or, when combined with seating or arrangements to form a box or a ‘U’, that – in the words of Pollock – “despite the exterior setting . . . creates the intimacy of an interior and registers the garden . . . not as a piece of private property, but as the place of seclusion and enclosure.” (p. 63)


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